“Hello, There!” (in Obi-Wan’s voice)

I’m Figu. Gaming friends sometimes call me Gugu. I’m always that fellow Sith Lord who wanders through the dark side of life and things.

I created this space to share my deep interest in games, Star Wars, Witcher (huge fan of these 2 fandoms), books, shows, collectibles, also philosophical and nerdy stuff. Occasionally, there’ll be reviews, highlights and interviews.

When life screams for an escape, I immersed myself into gaming on PC, PS4, Switch (and sometimes Mobile). I used to play retro games, physical board games and cards; only nowadays not as often. A little in depth intro at ‘Coffee Chat With: Figu (The Author)’ (coming in this blog soon). 

I hope to connect with more like-minded people and gaming community around the world. I’m open to any collaborations and we can always chat. Gentle note: I am NOT a streamer, NOT a hardcore gamer; just someone who enjoys adventuring through variety of games and rambling profound thoughts and connections to it.

Finally, thank you for stopping by here and it’s a great pleasure to know you. If you enjoy what you read, hit that ‘subscribe’ button for goodies coming straight into your mailbox.

Welcome to my space station.

And yes, I’m rebuilding another Death Star.


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