“Hello, There!” (in Obi-Wan’s voice)

I’m Figu, from Malaysia. Gaming friends sometimes call me Gugu. I’m that fellow Sith Lord who wanders through the dark side searching for hope and meanings.

When life screams for an escape, I immersed myself into gaming on PC, PS4/5 and Switch. I used to also play on retro consoles, board games and playcards too, only nowadays not as often. More on this at: ‘Coffee Chat With: Figu’.

I created this space to share my deep interest in games, Star Wars, Witcher (I’m a huge fan of these 2 fandoms), books, shows, collectibles and more. Occasionally, there will also be reviews among others. I hope to also connect with like-minded hobbyists and gaming community around the world. 

Last but not least, thank you for hanging around here and it’s a great pleasure to know you. If you like what you read, consider hitting that ‘subscribe’ button for goodies coming straight into your mailbox :)

Welcome to my space station.

And yes, I’m rebuilding another Death Star.


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