Welcome to Figugaming! 

First of all, thank you for stopping by at my playground. A mini introduction of myself — I’m Figu (that’s my nickname), short for my in-game name Figurra/Figurynna. Outside of the virtual world, I am based in Malaysia and work full-time as a Project Manager in a Game Production studio and part-time as a Freelance Writer for other side projects. Most of the time, I’m just that introverted hermit crab hiding in her cave haha!

What is This Space About?

In this blog, I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts, reviews, favorites, interesting finds or cool happenings particularly related to games, books, arts, philosophy and fandoms (mostly Star Wars, Witcher and RPGs). I’m also looking to connect with like-minded readers, gamers and hobbyists out there, so we can get together and sneak around the corner with our lil’ cool club to exchange our interests and gaming together. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Why I Started This Blog?

Honestly, it actually started from a small home, my instagram. My first intention was to create a space for my hobbies (also to remember stuff that I bought before) and then slowly… it grows. Aside from the interests above, I’d like to practice my writing skills too since English isn’t my native language. All of that reasons and the 2AM thoughts I’ve always had about keeping my blogs as my ‘legacy’ — something to remember me by when I’m no longer here on Earth

And so here it is, my 2nd blog was born. The name figugaming (FG) signifies the chill-and-fun side of my life. The top banner is an oil painting of a knight wandering through the dark mountains (from artist: Yuri_B) which kinda represents my solo-life-journey-and-soul-searching-thing in reality. The header: DARK COUNCIL OF LIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND GAMING was inspired by Star Wars and the classic sci-fi masterpiece, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Now, Let’s Go Time Travel! 

Buckle up tight as I’ll be taking you to the childhood era until the day I wrote this post.  

Back when I was a kid (most Malaysian kiddos born in the 80s will know these), and when video games weren’t really a thing, I played random games like ‘Tutup Botol’ (my fav!), ‘Batu Seremban’, Tamiya kits, card games, board games and many more.

In school, I wasn’t really good at sports, so I joined more of the brain-challenged stuff like Literature, Chess and Computer clubs. I used to also spend most of my childhood grounding in my neighbor’s house just because they had awesome retro consoles and later on, a computer with MiRC and pirated games (ah, simpler times!).

I also hogged my sister’s PC (the old chonky, squarish macintosh), sneaked into her game folders in the dark when everyone was sleeping and built my armies in The Sims, Dino Tycoons, Red Alert C&C and more. My sister studied in the US, and when she returned home for a visit, she brought few handheld games for me from Disneyland, and a few retro games like Western Bar and so on.  

It was until later, when I was 15, I got my first Nintendo Gameboy, which was a gift from my dad for good achievements in school. And then I got my first PC when I studied in college. You could say, my love for games and books started when I was at a very young age, but midway when I started studying in Uni until my third job, I seldom dived into them. Adulthood led me into several incidents of mid-life crisis and depression until to a point I lost interest in my old hobbies and passion.

Long story, now that I have reached almost 40 decades of life, I started to rebuild my life slowly and set out to reconnect with my younger self once again. I’m reigniting the passion and learning to appreciate all the experiences. It was never an easy journey, but hey, now I am back here doing what I love – reading, writing and gaming!

It’s never too late right?

I’ll write more soon, feel free to subscribe to FG and hope to see you again in the next chapters. May the Force be with You! 🙂

– my current battlestation (also my hermit cave) –

> Let’s connect! I’m also on: InstagramYoutube | Flickr | Steam | PSN

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